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Insights and Photo Content for Your Marketing Efforts

InsightsVueTM is a deep dive into the big, aspirational needs states and consumer values that drive your brand. We spend time with your target customers, talking to and observing them in real life to fully understand the human complexities of the specific need state associated with your brand.

For example:

  • What does self-esteem mean to customers of a fashion retailer? How might dressing better and dressing up more often impact that self-esteem?
  • What does well-being mean to someone choosing a medication or signing up for health insurance? How can a pharma or health insurance company demonstrate how their offering will enhance those feelings better than any other?
  • What does self-actualization, or “being my best self” mean to some looking for a home-exercise or diet program? More than a simple promise of “convenient weight loss,” how can such a company provide an overriding, proprietary benefit linked directly to the core emotional need?

We dig into these issues by spending time with target consumers in extended ethnographic sessions.

And it’s all captured in hundreds of professional photographs, under the creative direction of renowned photographer Jeffrey Markowitz. 

Jeff has captured iconic photos of five U.S. Presidents, hundreds of global leaders and many of the world's biggest celebrities. His photos have appeared on the covers of Time and Newsweek Magazine numerous times, winning Time’s prestigious Photo of the Year award twice. 

So you don’t get the usual PowerPoint. You get a visually driven story, with the words and images of your target customers.

In addition, you now have content to use in social media or for any appropriate marketing purpose. In addition to our strategic recommendations, we will provide direction for one or more social campaigns. By their authentic nature, these campaigns promise to be highly effective, as they grow organically and directly from real consumers.

If you’d like more information on how InsightsVueTM works, click here to download the detailed Methodology Description.